Starter - Web Security Tools For Starters


The Starter Pack is made of 3 of our best security tools suitable for both professional and novice users interested to do fully-automated web application security assessments. This pack will get you quickly started identifying all critical web security bugs and getting them fixed with as little effort as possible.

Key Features

By subscribing to the Starter Pack you get the following awesome features:

  • A collection of fully-automated testing tools
  • Support for OWASP TOP 10 and WASC
  • Test web apps even behind the perimeter firewall
  • Retest/re-confirm discovered vulnerabilities
  • Share vulnerabilities with team members
  • Resend HTTP requests and analyze HTTP responses
  • Exportable reports in HTML, CSV, XML and JSON
  • Integration with 3rd-party tools
  • Easy to use
  • Always available
  • Instantaneous updates

Included Tools

The Starter Pack includes the following tools:


The Scanner is a fully automated, general-purpose web application security testing tool. It is capable of detecting a wide range of vulnerabilities from the ranks of SQL Injection, Local File Includes, Expression Injection, Cross-site Scripting and many others.


Retest is useful when you need to quickly re-validate the existence of a vulnerability discovered by the Scanner or some other tool. Retest can also be used to share vulnerability data in a self-contained unit test which can be easily included in bug trackers and other forms of reports.


Resend is the perfect tool for playing with HTTP requests. Once the response is received, the tool will automatically detect vulnerabilities. Resend works in addition to Retest in order to get better understandings about the vulnerabilities at hand.

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