Scanner - Web App Security Scanner


The Scanner is a fully-automated web application security testing technology always available from the comfort of your browser. It is bundled with countless of features to scan any web application for a variety of web application security vulnerabilities and attack techniques.

Key Features

By subscribing to the Scanner you get the following awesome features:

  • Cutting-edge web application security testing technology
  • Support for OWASP TOP 10 and WASC
  • Over 60 generic tests
  • Test web apps even behind the perimeter firewall
  • Share vulnerabilities with team members
  • Exportable reports in HTML, CSV, XML and JSON
  • Integration with 3rd-party tools
  • Easy to use
  • Always available
  • Instantaneous updates

Vulnerability Coverage

The Scanner incorporates over 60 types of generic tests, capable of detecting from the severe vulnerabilities, such as SQL Injection, Local File Includes, Expression Injection and XSS, to low priority issues related to Authentication, Session Management and other forms of security best practices. The Scanner is unparalleled in terms of speed, providing real-time report of the encountered vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Sharing & Retesting

All discovered vulnerabilities can be easily shared among team members as links. You can use the share links in emails, PDF files, Excel sheets, chat sessions, bug tracking system, etc. The Scanner is is very versatile and integrates easily with many 3rd-part tools and systems in a completely generic way.

When you share a discovered vulnerability you also share data to required to do a complete re-test. The retest links can be used as self-contained unit test by your development team to ensure that the discovered issue is fully-fixed.

Videos & Screenshots