Recon - Target Discovery And Identification


Recon is a state of the art web application security information gathering and target identification tool. Recon can swiftly identify vulnerabilities on a wide-range of targets, sourced from various public databases. These targets are analyzed with several passive vulnerability detection techniques, avoiding detection from web application firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

Key Features

By subscribing to Recon you get the following awesome features:

  • Cutting-edge web application security testing technology
  • IP, domain, sub-domain and virtual host enumeration
  • Test web apps even behind the perimeter firewall
  • Common-directory brute-forcing
  • Critical resource discovery
  • Share vulnerabilities with team members
  • Exportable reports in HTML, CSV, XML and JSON
  • Integration with 3rd-party tools
  • Easy to use
  • Always available
  • Instantaneous updates

What Does It Do

Recon performs target discovery by using search engines, domain and sub-domain name resolution and virtual host discovery techniques. The selected targets are related to the base target specified by the user. Once the targets are discovered, Recon utilizes a custom, lightweight scan looking only for specific vulnerabilities that can be discovered through passive analysis.

Recon can be used in cases when you need to discover the entire estate of a given target and quickly identify week areas that require further investigation. The tool is quick at performing analysis of large public networks and computing estates.

Interesting Facts

Websecurify has successfully used Recon to claim bug bounties from PayPal, Mailchimp and other vendors. Yey for us!

Videos & Screenshots