REBurp - Read Burp Files


REBurp is an extension to Burp proxy. It allows you to read burp files from the comfort of your web browser. It is fast, simple and integrated with the rest of the tools from the Suite and it is available all the time.

Why Use REBurp

Burp is a popular proxy tool for manual vulnerability inspection. Burp produces files in a custom format no other tool can read but Burp itself. This is very inconvenient especially when you are working in large teams that do not have access to custom penetration testing tools like Burp. This is why we have built REBurp. REBurp fills the gap between penetration testers and the rest of the world. You can use REBurp to open any Burp file and read all requests and responses that are encapsulated within. Furthermore you can use Burp data with the rest of the tools from the Suite such as Retest, Resend, XMLFuzz, JSONFuzz and others.

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